P.Westwell is an independent studio dedicated to fine British design. It draws its inspiration from cultures across Asia and from the natural world.

London-based artist and designer Poppy Ward is the founder and creative director of P.Westwell.

As a child Poppy and her family had the good fortune to live in Malaysia, where an historical convergence of trade routes created a unique mix of crafts and cultures - Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Malay, Portuguese and British.  It was a time and place where a child’s imagination could bloom and flourish, and Poppy’s did.

Poppy was draped in serpents at the snake temples, attended consulate parties, ran paper trail races through jungles and rubber plantations' and revelled in the colour and drama of the country’s flora and fauna.

Years later, revisiting Malaysia as a successful motion graphics designer inspired Poppy to dig deeper into those childhood images and experiences. Back in London, she spent her spare time at Kew Gardens studying and sketching plants she’d photographed in Malaysia. She came to realise that she wanted to see and enjoy the emerging new designs in her own home, and that others would feel the same.

Poppy delights in sourcing the luxurious satins, silks and velvets that go into her products … and discovering the craftsmen and women who manufacture them across Britain.  It’s all part of what makes each P.Westwell design a colourful memory, adventure or discovery, united by sight and touch to reach far off places in the mind.